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Selina is a professional system provider of photovoltaic plants

We develop, plan, construct and operate photovoltaic plants for rooftop and open land projects. Our previous projects reach from 3 kWp to several-MWp open-space plants. In Austria we have a blanket-coverage network of expert partners, which ensures local care and local know-how for our customers. As well as the “ich-mache-Strom” programme for plants up to the classic size 5 kWp and partial own use of the solar electricity, we offer project development and realisation of photovoltaic plants of every size. Our typical customers are private customers, companies, energy suppliers, regional corporations and investors. Our second focus is upon technically sophisticated international projects in which we are able to impress with our experience and planning expertise.


Networked Thinking


We develop our solutions together with selected partners to which we are connected by long-standing partnerships

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Because of these partnerships we are able to implement challenging technological projects.



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Plants from 3KW to several megawatts

With an investment with a running time of many years, both the quality of the materials and the quality of the construction and customer care play an important role and this is independent of the size of the plant.

Professional planning, carefully selected components and highly capable partners ensure the high quality of our photovoltaic plants. Thanks to our local expert partners we guarantee you your own personal, uncomplicated and sustainable power generation.


The “Ich-mache-Strom” programme is aimed, across Austria, at private customers who want to build a photovoltaic plant and also to use the generated electricity themselves as far as possible.
Our “Ich-mache-Strom” power packages have 4.9 kWp as standard and so produce as much solar electricity as a typical family in a single-family house uses in one year.

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smartflowerTM is a real game changer in the photovoltaic world: it is the first mobile, all-in-one, plug&play PV System.

Install it, plug it in and unfold, and you are your own producer of clean energy – free from oil, gas an electricity prices.

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A photovoltaic plant with a bottleneck output of 343.68 kWp was erected on the company building of the company Steirerfrucht. A substructure made of aluminium and stainless steel construction parts (mounting) which were bolted to each other and joined to the roofing acts as the base for the modules. The modules are aligned to the South and are inclined at 15°. The electricity produced is for the electricity supply of Steirerfrucht Betriebs GmbH and only the surplus electricity is fed into the public network.

Weizer Parkett

A photovoltaic plant with a nominal capacity of 199.68 kWp was erected on the company building of Weizer Parkett GmbH at Klammstrasse 24c, A-8160 Weiz.


Several photovoltaic plants with a bottleneck capacity of 9.996,6 kWp were erected on the former company building of a sugar factory, in cooperation with the company Ökovolt Solartechnik. The open air installation system ÖKOSYS 20 was used for mechanical fastening. The installation system was fastened using pile foundations. The modules are aligned facing south and are inclined at 20°. The electricity produced is fed 100% into the public network via the medium voltage network.

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Selina is an Austrian company and focuses upon important subjects to do with one of the megatrends of our century of regenerative energy. 

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