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Selina – your full range supplier of solar energy projects

Selina is the specialist for all aspects regarding planning, construction and operation of photovoltaic systems (PV-systems) as well as energy storage.
Our offices are located in Vienna (HQ) and Tyrol (Austria) and Bremen (Germany).

Renewable energies are our future. Innovative ideas reduce environmental pollution and contribute substantially to climate protection.
Our main focus is own consumption PV-systems for regional businesses and industrial companies as well as sophisticated international projects where we can make use of our experience and technical know-how.
In 2017, we founded Selina Canada and are currently pursuing a variety of renewable energy projects.

For those clients who do not want to own a PV-system we have a special offer:  we plan, construct and operate the respective PV-system for our client. Therefore, Selina has founded its own PV-operating company that invests into solar energy projects.

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Range of services

Our solar energy professionals are able to offer all necessary services for the development and realization of your solar energy power project.
We optimize the PV-system regarding size, orientation, components and financing based on the analysis of your load profile.
A PV-system is a long-term investment with a technical lifetime of more than 20 years.
Therefore, the quality of the components, construction and management are of utmost importance. These quality drivers apply to all PV-systems regardless of their size.

We manage your PV-project from the initial idea until delivery of the operable PV-system on the highest professional level:

  • Initial concept
  • Analysis of load profiles
  • Detailed planning
  • Management of tenders
  • Obtaining all necessary approvals
  • Obtaining potential public grants
  • Construction & building supervision
  • Operation & monitoring
  • Service
  • Energy management
  • Innovative energy concepts
  • Energy storage solutions



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Simulation software

Selina has developed a simulation tool that enables us to analyze and optimize the impact of a PV-system on your energy consumption.
Consequently, we will make sure to install a PV-system with the best economic output and that is not only fitted to the size of your roof.
At a very early phase of the project, we will deliver reliable financial information in order to put you into a position to make an economic decision.

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PV-Systems for commercial use


The cost of solar energy produced by a PV-system has decreased significantly over the past few years. As a result, this green energy is very often cheaper than electricity sourced from your local utility company.
A PV-system is only financially attractive if the company directly consumes a high percentage of the produced clean energy. A positive side effect of this efficiency is that the costs to further expand the electricity grid are much lower – costs for which all energy customers would have to pay for.

An investment in a PV-system allows companies to secure the low costs for green energy for the lifetime of the PV-system – i.e. over 20 years.
There are not only economic reasons that support an investment in a PV-system. Solar energy systems support not only the environment but also boost the company’s image.
In Austria, there are several public investment grants and feed-in-tariffs available. Selina is specialized in obtaining these grants.

Our projects

Large scale PV-projects


One of our focuses is the development, planning and realization of large-scale projects – solar parks and roof-top PV-systems.

We have finalized projects with more than 20 MWp capacity outside of Austria.

We use professional planning and simulation software to optimize the performance of our PV-systems. State-of-the-art project management tools and the long-standing experience of our team enable us to supervise and handle projects not only in Europe.

Our projects



Selina has been commissioned to plan and build a 400 kWp rooftop PV-system for Montanwerke Brixlegg AG. In addition, Selina has obtained a government grant (OeMAG) for this solar power system. Selina owned PV operating company played a vital role in the realization of this project.


Selina planed and built a 540 kWp rooftop, rack-mounted PV-system for Schlacher Energie GmbH in Wolfau (Province of Burgenland).

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Selina developed, planned and managed the construction of the largest solar park in Austria. In addition, Selina obtained a government grant (OeMAG) for this solar power project.

About Selina

Selina is an Austrian company with offices in Vienna (headquarter), Tyrol, Germany and Canada. Our focus is one of the megatrends of this century: “renewable energy”

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