Get an idea of our PV-systems. Here you can find an excerpt of our reference projects.



Location: Tyrol
Output: 285kWp
CO2 reduction: 200 tons
“Gruber” is located in Brixlegg, Tyrol and sells natural mineral waters like “SilberQuelle”, Montes and other drinks with the slogan “Water from Tyrol, completely private”. They […]

Camping Stadlerhof

Location: Tyrol
Output: 25kWp
CO2 reduction: 21 tons
The campsite Stadlerhof is located in Tirol at the waterside of the Krummsee and is managed by the family Sappl. They have 90 spots for campers, […]


Location: Tyrol
Output: 200kWp
CO2 reduction: 165 tons
The shopping center “Innkauf” is not only the local supplier of 25.000 citizens of Tyrol, but it is an architectural gem. Due to the extensive use […]

Tiroler Rohre

Location: Tyrol
Output: 851kWp
CO2 reduction: 765 tons
Water is the most important nutrient of all: the Tiroler Rohre company makes a significant contribution to the ecological and economical sustainability of the water industry […]

AV Logistik

Location: Vienna
Output: 40kWp
CO2 reduction: 33 tons
The “AV Logistik Center” company offers their customers knowhow of over 35 years of experience in the field of logistics and haulage. Their main business is […]

J.M. Offner

Location: Carinthia
Output: 341kWp
CO2 reduction: 309 tons
Selina planed and built a 341kWp PV- system on the roof of a former hardware store. The planning included obtaining every required approval and an OeMAG […]

Thomas Moser

Location: Tyrol
Output: 20kWp
CO2 reduction: 18 tons
The agricultural enterprise of Thomas Moser, with its main focus on dairy industry, decided to produce the energy for the daily operation with a photovoltaic system. […]

Peter Moser

Location: Tyrol
Output: 56kWp
CO2 reduction: 47 tons
The family business „Peter Moser Rustikale Holzverarbeitung“ has its headquarter 1.150m above sea level in Inneralpbach. In such a high alpine surrounding one would not expect […]

Montanwerke Brixlegg

Location: Tyrol
Output: 400kWp
CO2 reduction: 469 tons
For “Montanwerke Brixlegg” we planned and built a 400 kWp roof system, and obtained an OeMAG grant. The realization of the project was done in co-orporation […]

Schulzentrum Radstadt

Location: Styria
Output: 55kWp
CO2 reduction: 47 tons
After only 24 months of renovation and expansion, the school could reopen in March 2018. The area of about 10.000 square meter has been doubled. The […]

Palfinger AG

Location: Salzburg
Output: 349kWp
CO2 reduction: 302 tons
Palfinger is a world-leading manufacturer of cost-effective lifting systems for use on commercial vehicles and in the maritime field. The company has its headquarters in Salzburg […]


Location: Salzburg
Output: 3,200kWp
CO2 reduction: 3,091 tons
The biggest open space system of Austria is located on the Eiben mountain in Flachau and has a capacity of 3,2 MWp. Selina planed, built, obtained […]

Schlacher – Wolfau

Location: Burgenland
Output: 540kWp
CO2 reduction: 485 tons
Selina planed and built a 540 kWp rooftop PV-system for “Schlacher Energie GmbH” in Wolfau (Province of Burgenland). The architectural statics of the rooftop required an […]

Schlacher – Allhau

Location: Burgenland
Output: 213kWp
CO2 reduction: 191 tons
Selina also planed and built a 213 kWp rooftop PV-system for the 2nd facility of the “Schlacher Energie GmbH” in Allhau (Province of Burgenland). Selina obtained […]

Tirol Kliniken GmbH

Location: Tyrol
Output: 77kWp
CO2 reduction: 67 tons
“Tirol Kliniken GmbH” is the operating company of all the state hospitals in Tyrol, and the largest health care company in the Western part of Austria. […]


Location: Lower Austria
Output: 40kWp
CO2 reduction: 35 tons
“ROMA Friseurbedarf” mandated Selina to plan and build two rooftop PV-systems with a total capacity of 40 kWp. ROMA consumes more than 90% of the generated […]

Kufner Textil

Location: Styria
Output: 350kWp
CO2 reduction: 315 tons
Selina planed and built a 350 kWp open space system on a property next to the „Kufner” textile company. The electricity produced is sold to the […]


Location: Styria
Output: 344kWp
CO2 reduction: 322 tons
In the summer of 2013 we planned and built the 344kWp Steirerfrucht-system for private consumption. The challenging part of this project was the fact, that the […]